About renerichardcollections.com:
Renerichardcollections.com is a collection of works by the great Canadien Artist and Trapper René Richard. This site is dedicated to his honor and is a documentation of the genius of this Artist. This website has been made possible by the contribution of numerous people who are dedicated to making this Artist's work known to a much larger population. This group calls itself "The Friends of René Richard in Switzerland and North America".

This collection, in its present form, is a unique cross section of the work of this great artist. From time to time, we may rearrange some of the artworks as we deem appropriate. This may include the addition or replacement of collection images.

This website is optimized for Firefox and Safari browsers, and a monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher. If you are using an outdated browser the site is still set to function in its most basic form, but we highly recommend the said browsers for this and all other internet use. Javascript is also used in the site features, so if you are experiencing issues please make sure it is enabled on your browser (It is "on" as a default on most browsers).

About Lightbox:
Lightbox is a simple viewing feature that allows an image to overlay on your current page. It is simple, unobtrusive, and works on all modern browsers. Lightbox allows your current page to load quickly as well as stay in the background while viewing larger files in detail. Please allow each page to load fully, and when thumbnails in the gallery are clicked on, your page will darken to gray and a white box will appear and load the detailed image. You can simply hit the close button when finished, or find if you roll over the top left or right you can view the previous and next image accordingly.

About the Artwork:
All images on this site have been professionally curated and are represented as accurately as possible. Any difference in color is unintentional and may be due to any number of factors such as monitor resolution, color mode or lighting. We take no responsibilty for any subtle misrepesentation from the original artwork.

Legal information and notice:
All text, graphics, images, photos, artwork and coding is owned and controlled by "The Friends of René Richard in Switzerland and North America". No part of the site can be copied, used, hot-linked or reproduced without written consent by its owner. The Website Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved. Press inquiries, questions, media kits, etc can all be directed to our Contact page.

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